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Please read the INSTALL file after extracting the source.

The CVS page has a downloadable tarball of the latest source.
[archive]cria-21apr2014-0.2.9cvs18.tar.gz  131.8kBchannel fix on Nefarious (NetGamers), show network name in password prompts, fix buffer overflow when inserting special characters in input bar, can now insert normal characters in the middle of a full input buffer when insert mode is off, fixed an input bar backspace/delete issue with strcpy()
[archive]cria-4dec2011-0.2.9cvs17.tar.gz  131.1kBchannel fix on ircd-seven (freenode)
[archive]cria-28apr2010-0.2.9cvs16.tar.gz  131.0kBmulti-network crash fix, lag meter fix, server ping fix, prompt for network password, /GHOST, /NETWORK OTHERSERV, /SAVEPAGE, /IGNORE, /IGNORES and /UNIGNORE commands, code cleanups and bug fixes.
[archive]cria-4oct2003-0.2.9.tar.gz  122.3kBhalf-chanop (+h) and quiet (+q) support, now installs to user's home directory, socks v4 proxy support, /VOICE, /UNVOICE, /MEMO, /OPER and /DUMP commands, upgraded commands (PLUGLIST, JOIN, OP and DEOP), support for irc network connection passwords, plugins can now be compiled into the core so they can be used on platforms that don't support dynamic linking (MacOS X, Cygwin and Solaris/SunOS), AMD64 support and lots of bug fixes.
[archive]cria-5jan2003-0.2.8.tar.gz  111.9kBadded finnish translation, added bold support, more channel and user modes and lots of bug fixes.
[archive]cria-18dec2002-0.2.7cvs5.tar.gz  107.6kBfixed lag meter and changed it from 100 second pings to 10 second pings.
[archive]cria-10oct2002-0.2.7cvs3.tar.gz  107.5kBdisabled pagebar scrolling (was too buggy), added lag meter and fixed some bugs.
[archive]cria-31aug2002-0.2.7.tar.gz  107.3kBscrolling pagebar (has some bugs but it works), auto-install of config files for each user, new self-nick highlighter, new day timestamps, /ST, /ADMIN, /INFO, /TIME, /KICKBAN, /BAN, /UNBAN and /ISON commands, lots of enhancements and lots of bug fixes (including all nickcomp bugs).
[archive]cria-7aug2002-0.2.6.tar.gz  99.0kBadded DCC send support, spanish translation by EtherNet, /RECONNECT, /BANS, /RENAME, /USERMODE and /SV commands, incomplete partyline plugin by ink, loads "./cria/nc.NETWORKNAME" script file on first connection to network (can be used to auto-join channels), lots of bug fixes and more. I skipped over 0.2.5 to fix a problem with the plugin version handling.
[archive]cria-3jul2002-0.2.4.tar.gz  89.6kBadded /LIST command, added cvs version number, added --color option to to compile in different default colors, lots of bug fixes and more.
[archive]cria-27jun2002-0.2.3.tar.gz  88.5kBnow works on Mandrake Linux on x86, Debian Linux on UltraSPARC, Debian Linux on PowerPC-RS/6000, FreeBSD on x86, Sun Solaris on UltraSPARC and Darwin (MacOS X). supports renaming variables and commands at compile time, can be used to translate to another language. new page scrolling code, new network receive and reconnect code, page hiding commands, code clean ups and lots of bug fixes.
[archive]cria-4jun2002-0.2.2.tar.gz  188.7kBnow works on Cygwin and Linux running on Alphas (64bit processor), better configure script, minor interface tweaks and lots of bug fixes.
[archive]cria-30may2002-0.2.1.tar.gz  181.2kB/GOTOPAGE, /MOVEPAGELEFT (^O) and /MOVEPAGERIGHT (^P) commands, plugin timers, DCC get support and fixed two segfault bugs and most of the rendering bugs.